Custom Ear Molds in Harwich, Massachusetts

Harborside Hearing Care Centers in Harwich, Massachusetts, provides service, repair, and custom ear molds of hearing instruments. We offer a Two-Week Free Trial, and are very flexible to accommodate your needs and your budget.

Hearing Aid Repair & Service

In addition, we offer hearing device repairs, programming and services. We use Rayovac® Premium Zinc Air batteries in our devices. We also offer Troubleshooting and Recalibrating services of hearing instruments.

We feature four price-points on new hearing instruments, including 0% financing You will receive an extended warranty on all repair, loss, and damage.

We offer custom ear molds for: devices.

• iPods®

• Swimming • Sleep Aids • Stethoscopes • Radio Helmets • Musians' Protection EM


Hearing Aid - Hearing Care Centers, Hearing Exams in Harwich, MA


"Authorized Provider" For: ESP 'Shooters' Custom made Hearing Protecton 

Contact us today in Harwich, Massachusetts, to learn more about our custom ear molds and repair services.